Resourcefulness. The fuel entrepreneurs.

So often we ask how to become an entrepreneur. How can we become our own boss without any startup? Those are all questions directed towards the one thing we truly need. A need, no one can give you.

It is something every entrepreneur has within them! It is something that cannot be bought or sold. It is the ability to procure resources, when the resources seem scarce.

Resourcefulness separates the entrepreneur from the quitter. It is what the Bill Gates’, and Jeff Bezos’ of the world all have. Every morning when I get up, I remind myself of this. I didn’t realize the power of resourcefulness until I watched this video by Tony Robbins on YouTube. In the video he explains what holds most people back in realizing their potential, he explains why some people dabble instead of seeking mastery.

His words are powerful and I warn you they are not sugar coated. Check it out, whether you are doing great, or just need motivation this video will get you working! Good luck on your journey to being resourceful, and thanks for reading.


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