Solidifying the Dream of Independence!

Every dream starts with a desire, a desire to change something. I want to explore the dream of independence, and the path that leads to it.

I was sitting in my room listening to AJr’s song, Drama, it spoke to me! So often we get caught up in the dramas set before us, the debts we owe, the people “out to get us, basically what is being done to us or others. A life lived that way is stuck in depending on new drama to arise, waiting for the next bad thing to come along. All that drama is a bad distraction from the destination of Independence!

Independence comes by learning to ignore all that drama and starting to dream! Dreaming of solutions to the situations in front of us. Did Bill Gates or Steve Jobs give in to the dramas of everyday life!? So often we allow ourselves to fall into despair about the lack of wealth, or status we have. However, once you start dreaming and stop listening and living with the drama, a new wealth comes! The wealth of independence and the joy it brings! If you don’t currently have the finances, don’t fret!

All it takes is crafting a budget, anyone can do it. Pull out pay stubs and all the bank statements. Don’t make any judgement, you cannot change the past.

Now the path to Independence can be cleared! Look at the monthly expenses, where are the needs, and where are the wants? Wants equate to money that could be used to remedy consumer debt, car loans, or any other debt you have. Needs are the bills, excluding anything related to entertainment. Once you have input the money for both, you are for the next step!

Cutting the wants down to 0% would be great! However we are human, so let’s say on average 85% of wants should be cut from spending, that is if you want to solidify the dream. Depending on where you are right now, using this can have you free in as little as a month! That means real independence for you to be an entrepreneur. The wisest people invest more than they spend, and if like me you didn’t learn this until later, it’s not too late! Check out this post to learn more on how to start making passive income now!

Thanks for reading. Continue Dreaming!


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