Making the Perfect Nest for Your Eggs!

As entrepreneurs we have all heard don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

I like to make the metaphor my own, and pretend I am the bird! I know, strange, but let me explain.

Once I get any extra money, that is money not needed for bills, I have to decide where I am going to put it. As we learned from 2008, and all the other crashes in history, the market does not infinitely increase! Putting everything into one investment sets me up for failure.

However, spreading out and finding materials all around to build my nest with allows me to create the best nest out there! There are a few ways to do this.

Invest retire save


How great would it be to give as little as $5 a week and establish a stream of passive income?

For any starting entrepreneurs, or anyone who wants a nice savings I recommend Acorns. The company gives you five dollars for signing up, and let’s you choose how you want to invest! The plan I use with them allows me to invest in a variety of sectors. I chose a moderately aggressive approach which puts 38% of what I invest into large company stocks. The rest is diversified over bonds, emerging market stocks, and small company stocks! Acorns is an excellent example of an Exchange Trade Fund, and is one of the safest ways to invest. ETFs create a way to build the framework for the nest, without doing research on the stock market. It also splits your investments for you, so you can look into other ways of beefing up your nest.

401 K

We all want to retire, and with the way social security is working it is up to us to secure our own future! A 401 K is tax deductible, and if your still at the 9-5 grind, or working for someone else, normally they will match your contribution! The best part is if and when you decide to quit, the 401 K can be transferred to a personal 401 K! Now if you want to learn more about 401 Ks and start making the moves to retire early, visit this IRS page. It explains how you can get started with your 401 K, the difference between the types of 401 Ks, and all the other ins and outs involved in them.

Market Investing

Now, I have discussed how to gather the twigs, and filling for the nest, let’s talk about the shiny things that find their way into the nest. Stocks are risky! However, they can make a marvelous return. All it takes is research on the part of the investor! Buying low, and selling high sounds easy, but how do you know that stock is going to become profitable? You don’t, and that is the risk. When I first started investing I made the mistake novice investors sometimes fond themselves doing, I did a little research. Enough to find out about what the company was doing, where they were located, and their goals. I thought this was enough, boy was I wrong. It is important to not only research the stock you want to buy, but also the market trends! Is the bubble already about to burst? Or is the bubble just starting to grow? Take the real estate bubble that burst, and cost many their shirts, what if they had done research? The other important thing is don’t put all your money for stocks into 1 stock! Companies come and go, choose multiple companies within the selected niche, and pick a few outside of it. This makes your nest stronger, so your eggs don’t break!

Creating a nest can be hard, but you can do it! We all want to retire happy, and not have to work after we retire. ETFs, a 401 K, and trading are three ways to get started saving for your retirement! Diversifying how we protect the eggs, creates a stronger nest, thus protecting the eggs from hitting the ground below and breaking. After all we don’t want to work out whole lives, do we?

Thanks for reading, and I hope it was helpful! If you have any suggestions or questions for me, let me know. Enjoy your day!


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