A task like no other,

With no one to watch but me,

No one will see if for a moment,

I stop in front of this wall,

In hopes that while I stall,

Something will come along,

Something mightier than I,

That brings down this insurmountable wall!

Alas, I am alone. There is no one I can call.

Therefore it is up to me!

I must rise from the dirt and find my way,

Past this obstacle, and into the garden,

For there I am sure to find, the rumored hen.

The eggs she lay, more precious than gold!

Each with a small fortune on their own!

Ah Ha, I cry, I will burrow below,

Then like a Phoenix, I rise from the Earth!

As I enter the garden it is larger than I thought,

Every section defended by a new obstacle,

I shall continue on, I want my yacht!

For it, that hen shall be caught!

Each obstacle seems to falls faster,

Perhaps I am learning,

That so long as I continue yearning,

For that marvelous prize;

my mind will continue churning.

Allowing me to solve any situation before me,

With ease and without worry.

What’s my secret?

No, I’m not meditating with a new stance.

The answer is sheer Perseverance!

-C. Friedman


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