So you want to make some extra money, now what!?

Money cannot buy happiness, but it can give the freedom to pursue it! Establishing passive income no matter what it is, requires a little work on the part of the entrepreneur. Today, I want to talk about an easy one, Affiliate marketing!

Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, affiliate marketing. This method allows the entrepreneur to promote a product without having any product in stock. For an example, check out this post. There are many companies and products out there that allow for anyone to become a digital entrepreneur! The two organizations I am discussing today are Amazon Associates and Brand Ambassadorship.

Becoming a Brand Ambassador.

Becoming a brand ambassador just takes a little research on the part of the entrepreneur. There are several companies out there that will pay a commission based on the sales the entrepreneur drives to their website. In the aforementioned post, there is a link on the word “hammock”. This link ultimately directs my readers to one of the organizations I am a brand ambassador for, Madera. I stumbled upon this organization while scrolling mindlessly through my Facebook newsfeed, and loved their values. Becoming an ambassador is like any other job, you apply for it, and if you are a fit for their organization you are in! The organization will give you a personal link to drive sales to their site, or promote them! The difference is you don’t have a boss, you set your own hours, and you can earn money while you sleep. There are many ways to drive sales; writing blog posts, paid advertising on social media, and crafting YouTube videos are all ways of driving traffic to the link! Now, it does take time, so don’t give up if the first attempt fails. Try to update your strategy, improve your content, be the boss!

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is another way to start the journey into affiliate marketing. It works the same way as being a brand ambassador, except you now have everything from A-Z at your fingertips to sell. It has become commonplace now to research a product before buying it. This is the perfect opportunity for digital entrepreneurs to take charge! Once approved for Amazon Associates (you are more likely to get approval with a website) the digital nomad can select a niche of products and sell, sell, sell! Don’t just put the product out there! Be honest about the product! Describe everything about the product, the good and the bad. At the end provide the affiliate link for them to use. It is that easy! Amazon’s commission rates vary, but they have a list of the percentages on the associate portal! Both of these allow for anyone to free themselves from the 9-5 grind, just by putting in 2-3 hours a day!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to comment below!


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