Poems writing truth

All my emotions wrote into verse.

No more feeling ready for a hearse!

This day forward living my best life,

Without limitations, without fear,

Of even Death’s mighty scythe!

It is of no concern to me,

For when He comes at the end of my days,

Even Death will not see me shed a tear!

Nay, I will not shake or tremble!

Break free from the fear!

Feel the strength within,

Flowing from vein to vein,

Awaiting orders from the enormous brain.

The brain commands,

No matter the pain or grief,

Eventually there will be relief,

Even if it be Death’s blissful release,

So stand tall and do not fall!

-C. Friedman


1 thought on “Courage

  1. Inspirational and moving.

    Liked by 1 person

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