Crafting Your Lemonade Stand. How to Transform the Lemons of Life!

Friday morning comes along, a feeling of immense joy fills you up. It’s almost the weekend. What if I told you everyday you can wake up feeling this way? It all starts in your mindset before bed. Before I set my alarm, I remind myself that I want to get up early. I want to have a productive day! Going to bed with a positive mindset can be hard. On those days when I feel like my basket of lemons is overflowing, I take stock of all that I am grateful for. It’s my way of turning lemons into lemonade. It allows for a creative energy to replace the fatigue and I awake with a new sense of determination. I set out to finish the transformation and make my lemonade stand! The first step is taking the things I am worried about and start brainstorming. Once I brainstorm, I set out to pick the best of the ideas and craft the lemonade stand! If I am worried about money, I research ways to make money. If I am feeling down, I watch a comedy, or read a blog post! Everyone is different so whatever gets you out of your funk, do it! Be the best you today! Thanks for reading!


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