Digital Entrepreneurship and You!

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Ring! Ring! Ringgggg! Your alarm sounds sharply at 7 AM on Monday morning, telling you it is time to get ready for your 9-5. Ugh, wouldn’t it be nice to no longer need that alarm? Well with a little patience and hard work on the side you can free yourself from it’s melancholy chimes Monday through Friday. I know it seems almost impossible to do, but so many have already started this journey into digital entrepreneurship, and if you haven’t here is why you should. How does an extra $400 a month sound? Not good enough, well it could be higher! A quick search shows that digital entrepreneurs average $100,000 a year! That is substantially higher than $400 a month. How do they do it? Well three easy and cost friendly ways of getting started are:

1. Blogging

Blogs are easy to set up, and all the effort comes in learning to write posts that attract readers. It is easier than it sounds. There are numerous tools available, like Jaax, which show which keywords are being searched the most. You can use these top searched items to create quality posts directed towards this niche. You reading this now, are reading how I am establishing my audience. A website you craft will eventually have advertisements, which you will get paid for having on your site! Easy as pie, and equally tasty! There are so many ideas for posts, all that is necessary is finding your passion! Whether it be comic books, traveling, or anything else, Literally! There will be an audience out there for you! The other plus of blogging besides earning a little side income is gaining a valuable skill, communication! Once you are able to craft a post directed at a specific audience, your communication skills have increased a hundred fold (that may be a hyperbole, but you get the point)

Clickbank affiliate video

2. YouTube Channels

This is the next way to earn passive income online. Make a YouTube channel about something you are able to teach others, or use any of the open broadcast software out there to record your screen as you play games. The possibilities are endless, all you need is about twenty videos! I hear you asking, how do I get views for my videos?

There are two ways you can do this. The first I have already mentioned, blogging! I know, I know two revenues of income from one site, crazy! The other is social media, how many friends do you have scrolling through all those sites watching video after video?

Why not make those videos?

3. Affiliate Marketing

Now we have all heard of affiliate marketing, but what is it? Affiliate marketing is how you can sell items and make a commission without the need to physically have a product! Amazon associates is the one of the most useful tools to start affiliate marketing. You can research different products within a niche of your choosing, and help others find these products! How do I do that?

Easy! Write a blog post (like this one) about the product(s), giving a detailed account of the product. Describe the features you love and even give them some cons! Be honest! Before buying anything now, we do research on whatever we are considering! Why not aid in the search?

The other option is to take your niche, like photography, and craft YouTube videos to promote different products within the niche. For example, within this niche you could make a video about the camera, the lens, camera stands, anything related to photography! All it takes is sitting down in front of the computer and putting in a few hours of work!

All these options can be linked together and create three outlets of income! The world wide web truly is a web! It is up to you to be the spider and start spinning your web! Good luck on journey, and thanks for reading! If you have any questions or suggestions for me feel free to contact me or leave a comment.


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