Oh no! It’s a Turkey?

Outdoor recreation hammock hiking

For my birthday this year, I traveled to the quaint town of Piedmont, Alabama. Originally I planned on hiking the Appalachian Trail for a few days, but I wanted to be sure I was ready for it. Boy, am I glad I hiked the Piedmont Trail instead! I thought I was ready, and headed out for my three day journey with barely any food or water. My backpack had a bag of peanuts, and trail mix I had made myself, as well as my hammock. I set out from the trail head, bright eyed, and determined! The trail was covered in foliage and spider webs, but it was beautiful! Within a mile I looked down from my vantage point and saw a river. For those of you who do not know about summer in Alabama, it is humid and hot! I wanted to go for a swim so badly, but alas I saw no way down. I kept going until I reached another clearing which provided access to a small swimming hole. After soaking myself and my clothes, I continued on my journey. I was beginning to realize I underestimated the energy and skills needed to backpack. I had already lost half of my water earlier, when I set my bag down and it tumbled down the mountain. Three men who were clearing the trail for backpackers, and hikers told me of a natural spring where I could get some water; they also, directed me to the nearest shelter for the night. I thought I would not need the shelter, I just needed two trees to set up my hammock. Well, as the saying goes, pride cometh before the fall. And boy did I fall. I had the hammock all set up next to the spring I found, but there were ticks, and ants galore! I set out to find the shelter, before the sun fell. I reached the shelter exhausted and thirsty! I knew I was not going to make it two more nights, so I decided I would rest up before heading back. Another hiker had left a powerade, which I was so grateful for! I hung my hammock from the two notches in the wall,and built a small fire. The cicadas thought they could keep me up with their chatting, they were wrong.

In the morning, I climbed the mountain again, 1000 feet! At the peak the vegetation was the most dense. I bumbled through, as any novice would, which caused a turkey to come barreling out of the dense underbrush! It scared the daylights out of me, and I fell off the narrow trail. As I rolled down the mountain, fearing death, I finally was able to grab a tree. I sat under the tree, and laughed, out of all the things that could have killed me a turkey had almost done me in.

Thank you for reading! I will continue to post my journeys around the beautiful planet we live on!  If you have any suggestions feel free to contact me.


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