Savannah, ooh nanana

I would say this is where I first felt the urge to start this blog. My mom called and said her spring break was coming up, and I wanted to know what she had planned. She told me the family was going to Tybee Island near Savannah, and asked if I wanted to go. I did not hesitate to go on vacation, I was mentally and physically exhausted from work. My brother and I went up a day earlier to explore the area. Savannah is a beautiful city with something to offer any who visit. My brother and I wanted to go for a hike before meeting up with the family, so we researched places to hike and found one near the hotel we had stayed the night at. As we entered the park with the trail, we passed through this old archway and drove to the trail head. I felt like I was starring in a film! The old dirt road was lined on either side with old oak trees and open fields behind them. On the horizon, barely visible was a gate. As we drove down the bumpy ride, my brother and I were excited! We couldn’t wait to see what was along the trail. We walked about a quarter of a mile down the trail and found an old colonial settlement. It was like visiting an abandoned renaissance fair. There was a black smithing table, a stable, a whole settlement! I recommend anyone remotely interested in history or just having fun visiting this great community! This community offers everything anyone could want for a great spring break! The downtown area is also nice for any over 21, and if you’re under the shops are fantastic!


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