Hammock or Tent!? Why not both?

Travelers, families, and many others can find themselves perplexed by one question. Do I want a hammock or a tent? Well that is a great question, and I have an answer. Why not both!? Allow me to explain by going over the pros and cons of both…

Hammocks are perfect for individuals or couples. Hammocks can now hold up to 450 pounds, that’s almost 4 of me!! The hammock I have I recently used on my trip, on the Piedmont Trail, was perfect and easy to set up. I recommend hammocks for individuals or couples because they are no hassle and all you need is two trees. There are no poles to set up or stuffing it all neatly back in a separate bag. Now there is a downside, hammocks can flip and roll you! From personal experience spinning in a hammock, while fun leads to a rough landing on the ground. Now this con can be a pro if, like me, you need some work on your balance. I promise once in the hammock though you will not wake up to a face full of dirt in the morning.

The hammock I use, from Madera rolls easily back into the attached bag. Madera plants 2 trees and teaches sustainable farming in impoverished nations using the profits from the hammocks. I have access to a discount code,MADERA30, which grants my readers 30 percent off of their purchase! Pick up your hammock here!

Hammock Affiliate entrepreneur outdoor

Now, tents have there uses as well. Tents are perfectly for families, or any groups.  Tents already come with a rain fly, so anyone using it can bear all weather. As a kid, my parents always put my my brothers and I in the tent while they slept in the camper. I was not one to complain, I loved the cacophony of sound nature offered.  Tents also zip close and create a space between you and any nighttime critters; which is great, if you enjoy a false sense of security. The bugs will not get to you, but do not keep food in your tent (A hungry bear may come for you!). Air mattresses can fit into tents, as well as cots, so you do not have to worry about sleeping on the hard ground! To begin your search, for a great tent look no further!

Tent outdoor affiliate entrepreneur

Overall, having a tent and a hammock is the best option to me. However, I use my hammock more than I use my tent for two reasons. First, I do not like dealing with all the poles tents use.(yes I know it’s usually only 3 or 4) The second is simple. We all have trees near us, and what better way to relax then softly swaying in a hammock? Tents are great for an adventure, they are a portable home, if you are willing to carry it. Tents have more protection from the outside, while hammocks embrace the sentiment of “if nature wants to touch me it’s going to do it anyway attitude. ” This is why I take the middle path in this argument because each has its own benefits and detriments depending on your perspective. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! I hope it helped you on your journey to enjoying the outdoors!


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